Ayodhya Verdict – a landmark for human history

By: Surinder Jain.

A five hundred year old wrong has been done right by the supreme court of India. Bhagwan Ram’s birth place will have a temple, even more magnificent, than what was destroyed in the fifteenth century by foreign fanatic invaders.

Ram is an Avataar of Lord Vishnu, God who sustains the world. There is no English translation of the word Avataar although this word has been used for a different meaning in hollywood films. The closest word in English though not an accurate translation would be one like a Prophet. Hindus all over the world are rejoicing that the wrong done, by invading armies that ruled India for three centuries, has been set right.

Resolution of this dispute is a landmark for human history, almost as important as Mahatama Gandhi’s contribution to using non-violence as a weapon. I don’t say it lightly. Even Bhagwan Raam in Ramayna and Shri Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta has said that “War is only the last resort”. It is these sanskar of Hindus that have helped solve this wrong of history without resorting to force or violence. It is these sanskar of Hindu India that Jews, Parsis and many other minorities are living peacefully only in India when they were prosecuted everywhere else in the world.

The resolution of this dispute has happened through a legal (Judicial) process and there has been a prevalence of peace through the efforts of the government (Executive). The elected Parliament has waited patiently as has the Executive and the people of India while this Judicial process took more than five decades to come to a conclusion.

It is one more time, India has shown to the world, that historic injustice can be reversed without need for violence.  Let us hope that all democracies in the world take note of this new development and this second major contribution of India and Indians to PEACE.

I think all the litigants, the judges, the government and people of India deserve a Nobel Peace prize.

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