Why do Hindus blow Conch to start their prayers

According to our ancient scriptures, the conch (शंख) was the first thing that came out during the Churning of ocean (समुद्रमन्थन) by the Deities and Shri Vishnu held it in the form of weapon. The specialty of conch (शंख) is that the vibrations emanating on blowing it destroys the disease causing germs in the atmosphere. That is the reason it has a important place in Ayurved and medicine. When the conch (शंख) is blown before the start of puja, positive energy is emitted from the conch (शंख).

This energy reduces the strength of distressing frequencies. Besides this a protective armour of चैतन्य (Divine Consciousness) is formed around the articles of puja. The objective behind this is to sustain the deity’s चैतन्य (Divine Consciousness) attracted to the place of puja ritual and the pure atmosphere generated because of the positive (सात्त्विक) frequencies, for a long period. This increases the proportion of शक्ति (Energy), चैतन्य (Divine Consciousness)  and आनन्द (Bliss) in the environment and that is why the negative energies get distressed and run away.

Spiritual benefits of blowing conch (शंख):

1. Blowing the conch (शंख) helps keeping your mind free from negative thoughts.
2. Uplifts spirituality.
3. Genrates zeal & positivity to begin the day with focused mind.

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