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1. Can a Hindu choose to be a polytheistic or  monistic or none or both. Yes/No?


2. Sannyasa (monastic practices) is essential to achieve Moksha.


3. What percentage of world population follows Hinduism?


4. Shaktism is one of the larger denomination among many denominations of Hinduism. Yes/No.


5. When was the term Hinduism introduced in the English language?


6. In Arabic, the word Hindu refers to all Indians (even christians and muslims). Yes/No?


7. Hinduism has only four denominations VaishnavismShaivismShaktism and Smartism. Yes/No.


8. The four Purusarthas are not very important for Hindus? Yes/No.


9. The word Hindu is derived from a river named Ganges. Yes/No?


10. Sruti and Smrti are the founding texts of Hindus? Yes/No.


11. Do Hindus have a single ecclesiastical order (as in Catholic religion) Yes/No?


12. The word Hindu was first used to describe a geographical location and people living in it. Yes/No?


13. Hindus are allowed to question the authority and eternal truth of their scriptures. Yes/No.



Vedas and Upanishads are the only two text of Hindus? Yes/No.


15. Hinduism was founded in 500AD ? Yes/No.


16. The four purushartahas are :


17. Is Hinduism is a different religion than Sanatan Dharma?


18. Self-restraint, and compassion are prescribed eternal duties of a Hindu? Yes/No.


19. Hinduism was founded by?


20. What is the difference between Religion and Dharma?








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