Swaminarayan Mandir (ISSO) in Blacktown Sydney

By : Dr. Khimji Vaghjiani
* Initial history of the foundation of the organization
The Swaminarayan organisation is 200 years old, originated in Gujarat and believes in the reincarnation of Lord Krishna. The following has temples all over India and Internationally.
* Brief history of our Australian temple – 
The temple in Sydney started bhajans in 1995 in a hall and in 2003 we bought a place of worship in Blacktown. This has now grown as the population has grown and has regular devotees from all over India visit every day.
* Main activities – 
we do bhajans, arti, and many other activities in the community centre adjoining the temple including cultural activities, senior citizen and ladies functions.
* Religious philosophy
 Our religious philosophy is based on the core principle of Bhagawat and Gita -simple teachings and uncomplicated principles. A pure hindu following based on sanatan dharma
   We are accommodative of all people with diverse temperaments & backgrounds. and believe in universal harmony and peace through tolerance/acceptance of divergent views, offering the potential of uplifting humanity to a divine height through simple & logical approach to life.
Our approach is simple “be human first, than be a devotee”  Our spiritual leader His Holiness Koshelendra Prasdji Maharaj in India teaches us these basic principles always.

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