Hindu students suffer due to a lack of understanding of their faiths

Hindus have called upon faith based schools in Australia that their Hindu students should not be a target of conversion. They should not be asked to hide their faith as was the recent case in a Catholic school in Perth. Hindu Council of Australia has also called upon all faith based schools to admit students, employees and teachers of other faiths.

Now, a study shows that this is what is needed for a harmonious society.

In a recent article by “The Conversation”, it has been said that teens who had been exposed to education about diverse religions and worldviews were more tolerant of religious minorities, including Hindus, than those who hadn’t. It has also been found that those attending independent private secondary schools said they hadn’t had any instruction in other religious traditions.

The study also claims that students of minority faiths suffer due to a lack of understanding of Hinduism and Buddhism, compared to the Abrahamic faiths in Australian society.

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