Hindu Shahi Temples of Raja Till and Bill in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan

dera ismail khan
South Kafir Kot


Northern Kafir Kot Fort ruins

On the road from DI Khan to Chashma Barrage lies the Northern Kafir Kot Ruins. This fort was said to have been established by the Hindu Shahi Raja Till in the 7th century. Raja Till was the brother of Raja Bill, who had his own fort down south. There are no markings of this fort and very few remains of it above ground, so you’d have to keep an eye out for it along the highway.



Southern Bilout Kafir Kot Fort ruins

Established by Hindu Shahi Raja Bill in the 7th century, these ruins still have the temple and harem buildings intact somewhat. These buildings are typical of Hindu Shahi structures spread along the Khushab – Salt Range –Chakwal, on the West-East Axis. Sandstone is the typical rock used in these structures because it can be carved easily to reveal staggering idols.

The only difference between Bilout Fort, Amb Sharif, and Malot Fort in Chakwal is that Malot has red sandstone carvings on temple walls that are probably built by the same architect. The style of construction is the same, inspired by Buddhist temples of Thailand, but they are actually Hindu temples.

dera ismail khan
Harem Ruin of Hindu Shahi

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