Call upon Hindus to Join – Set Them Free Solidarity Vigil

Fourteen hundred innocent human beings including at least ten Hindus ( have been brutally tortured, raped, killed or abducted by Hamas terrorists in Israel on 7th October 2023.  Ten Nepali Hindus and three Indians are among them. We call upon all Australian Hindus and Indians to show their support against terrorism by registering for and attending the Solidarity Vigil – Set them Free to be held in Sydney on Sunday November 12 at 10.30am.




Message from the Jewish Community

I am writing on behalf of the Jewish community, which shares your pain at the knowledge that citizens from around the world and members of your community are grieving in the aftermath of October 7, when 2500 Hamas terrorists stormed into Israel and massacred 1400 civilians representing over 40 countries and nationalities.

No words can assuage the grief and the anguish which people of goodwill across the globe feel as we grapple to come to terms with the carnage which was perpetrated on that terrible day, and the traumatic impact which it continues to have on all our communities, wherever we may reside.

In that spirit and in the spirit of our shared humanity, the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and Executive Council of Australian Jewry are organising a solidarity vigil to be held in Sydney on Sunday November 12 at 10.30am.

Registration is a must to attend. Registration link :

Our objectives are to honour every one of the victims of the massacre and every one of the countries whose nationals were murdered, injured, or taken hostage, and to demand the immediate release of all the hostages.

We would be deeply honoured if members of the community would attend the vigil as representatives of your country and of your ethnic community. We are extending this invitation to representatives of all the countries whose nationals were impacted by the atrocities of October 7 and we urge you to accept and to bring your national flag and an Australian flag.

Solidarity among friends has never been more important. It is vital in these challenging times that countries and people of goodwill come together in the face of barbarism and terrorism. It is critical that we stand with each other in the face of groups such as ISIS and Hamas, which place no value on human life,which sacrifice innocents for perverse political ends and which inflict terrorism across the globe.

Now is the time to be together, to support each other, to let the world know that we will not be intimidated, that we will continue to demand that every one of our nationals be immediately set free and that peace and goodwill will ultimately prevail.


Frank Schiefler (on behalf of)
Executive Council of Australian Jewry

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