Bali Hindus in Denmark celebrate Nyepi festival

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Nyepi is a Bali Hindu festival Saka New Year Celebration.

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Pensosbud of the Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen, Dieny Maya Sari, said on Sunday (10/3) that the Saka New Year Celebration was attended by around 100 people from the Indonesian diaspora and Danish citizens.

In his speech, the Ambassador in Copenhagen, M. Ibnu Said, said that the celebration of the Holy Day of Nyepi inspired us all to always maintain harmony in life as a way to happiness.
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“The difference in religious background, ethnic background, cultural background is not a barrier for us to unite and is not a barrier for us to live in harmony in harmony. Therefore, let us always hold fast to Pancasila and Unity in Diversity, and contribute to the unity and progress of the Indonesian nation, “he said.

The celebration was held in close collaboration between Indonesian community groups in Copenhagen, Krama Bali Denmark (KDB), with the Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen.

The chairman of Krama Bali Denmark, I Gede Widana, said there are currently around 50 Balinese Hindus in Denmark. “We are very happy to be able to celebrate Nyepi together at the Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen and there are also Danish people who participated in the celebration together,” he said.

Balinese dances are dedicated to enliven the Nyepi celebration, such as the Panyembrana dance, Hard Mask, Sekar Jagad, Old Mask, Butterfly and Joged Bungbung.

The dishes provided are also full of typical Balinese menus, such as lawar ayam, betutu chicken, urab Bali, kale plecing, spicy beef, and rica seasoning fish.

1941 Nyepi Day Saka has the theme “With Chess Bharata Penyepian Success the 2019 Election”, with the main message Dharma Santi Dharma, which means virtue in the heart to create a harmonious and peaceful life, so that the 2019 Election becomes a peaceful Election.

This can be realized if all religious people in Indonesia live in harmony, by always purifying their thoughts and sayings and maintaining politeness and deeds, which ultimately leads to goodness and justice.

The Holy Day of Nyepi is based on the calculation of the Kesanga Tilem, a day of purification of the gods in the ocean, which also carries the essence of amartha (living water). Nyepi is also a new year in the Saka calendar, which began in 78 AD.

The main purpose of Nyepi is to beg Sang Hyang Widhi to purify the alit (human nature) and the great bhuana (universe), through the melasti procession, tilem sasih kesanga, pinanggal pisan, and Catur Bharata, so that it is hoped that in the new Saka year, the ummah Hindus can start life cleanly and return to holiness.



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