Why Hindus should demand General Religious Education in Schools

By: Geeta Devi, Victoria.

In the past 10 years demographics in Australia have changed and we have to acknowledge the reality of diversity. For most new migrants coming in to Australia, faith plays a major part in their lives. If future generations have to live and work in a multicultural and multifaith society, then school children should learn about each other’s belief systems. How does Australia do it needs to be sorted out, but in the absence of Special Religious Education (SRE) at least General Religious Education (GRE) should be adopted.

SRE is taught by volunteers of a religion to children of their faith. Teaching is conducted by volunteers inside the school class rooms.

GRE is taught by school teachers and covers all major faiths in Australia.

Without Religious Education, children of migrant communities will end up having their lives in two separate halves. One of mainstream where there is no understanding, acknowledgement of their culture or faith and the other of weekend where they live within their own community circles.

Not an ideal situation, like the current one we have now.

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