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In this surprisingly practical chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna gives us an entirely new take on faith.

Commonly, we think that faith is just belief and that we have a choice about whether we believe or not. Some acknowledge faith as the sole sustaining force in their lives, for others it is the enemy of reason.

However, this chapter reveals that, whether we realise it or not, every aspect of our lives – thoughts, actions and words -reflect faith in some value or another.  As the faith so the man!

Our faith in the importance of one choice or another, and its potential to give us happiness literally drives us to act.  These teachings explain that far from blind belief, faith is a mirror for the mind and an instrument for self-diagnosis. Chapter 17 tells us how to balance  faith with wisdom to make real progress in our spiritual unfoldment.

About Speaker

Swami Shrikarananda – a stalwart of the Hindu philosophy of Vedanta, will explore this topic with His simple and clear explanations of this challenging theme of Faith and provide highly practical tips on how to make it an instrument of self–awareness. To know more about Swami Shrikarananda, [Click here]

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Light refreshments will be provided before & after the talks.

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