Stop this bill – It discriminates against our religions

One Nation NSW MLC Mark Latham has introduced a bill in NSW Parliament which will actively discriminate against new and minority religions. A Parliament committee is asking for people of faith from multicultural communities to fill out a survey indicating their position on this Bill. Hindu Council urges you to ask all members of your faith and your temple goers to take up the survey and oppose the bill.

Link for the survey :

Apart from your name etc, it asks you whether you support the bill. Please choose an option to “Support with Amendments” or “Oppose”.

In the next column it asks for your reason. Please choose from the following or use all of them and fill out the form.

“The bill gives freedom of people of a faith to denigrate and insult people of other faiths. The bill as it is means that people can use their faith to hurt others and get away with it. People of other faiths will be able to call me names and tell me that I am going to hell and get away with it.”

“The bill will disadvantage us and deny us employment, services and educational opportunities in institutes run by religious organizations. We from newly arrived religions in Australia have not had time to establish such institutions. It is not a level playing field. The bill if passed means we can be denied places in nursing homes, hospitals, benefits for homeless, employment in hospitals etc. The bill can lure us to conversion merely to keep our employment in religious inspired organizations like schools, hospitals, charities etc.”

“The bill puts religious rights over other human rights. This will affect our community and all Australians adversely.” 


More of us fill out the form, more chances we have of not being discriminated based on our religion.

Please also approach your local NSW MLC and tell them that you oppose the bill for the reasons given above.

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