Sri Ramakrishna Birthday Celebration – 26 February 2023

Public Celebration at Vedanta Hall

Sunday, 26 February, 2023

Vedanta Hall, 15 Liverpool Road, Croydon  (open from 10.30 am for Meditation)
or via Zoom from 11 am:

  • Silent Meditation,
  • Vedic Chanting by Sri Sarada Math Nuns
  • TALK: The Uniqueness of Sri Ramakrishna’s Spiritual Practice and Experience by Brett Mulholland
  • PERFORMANCE: Sacred Music Recital by Scholar and Composer Professor Kim CunioHead of the School of Music at the Australian National University (ANU), recipient of the ABC Golden Manuscript Award for his work on traditional music.
  • TALK: Sri Ramakrishna’s Dictum for the Present Age: ‘Jiva is Shiva’ By Pravrajika Gayatriprana.

Concludes with lunch

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