Sri Rama Birthday Celebration – Sunday 10 April

Sri Rama Birthday Celebration

Sunday 10 April – 11 am to 12.30 pm

At Vedanta Hall, 15 Liverpool Road, Croydon NSW (open from 10.30 am for Meditation)

or via Zoom:


  • Chanting by Sri Sarada Math Nuns
  • Talk: Sri Rama the Perfect Man & God by Pravrajika Gayatriprana
  • Talk: By Anjan Bhise (Joining us via Zoom from Adelaide)
  • Distribution of offered Sweets & Savouries

The Ramayana: It is a romantic tale of the battle between good and evil. It is perhaps a veiled account, distorted through oral transmission over time, of an actual historical event.

It is a symbolic metaphor for the battle of sacred and secular forces that rage within each of us. It is a sacred book of living spirit.

Perhaps as you read … the Ramayana you will allow Hanuman and his friends to come into your heart and be your friends. And just perhaps, such friends may refurbish faith where before there may have been cynicism, may awaken love where previously there was dryness, may deepen hope where there was doubt and despair.

An incredible statement of living spirit . . . for those who have the eye to see and the ear to hear.

Ram Dass (Dr Richard Alpert) from his introduction to William Buck’s book on the Ramayana

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