Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Write a paragraph on"India---A Land of Festivals". let's learn english and paragraphs. - YouTubeBharat is the land of Festivals. These grand festivities commemorated around the year are not merely a source of entertainment and mental appeasement. Rather each of these festivals has been mindfully crafted by our saints & seers – the great Indian Psychologists, as socio-cultural-spiritual tools to re-align the thoughts & lives of masses with the great values of Bharatiya Sanskriti as well as further this rich cultural heritage from generation to generation. 

Janmashtami 2023 was celebrated with great fervour and devotion by the Hindu Community in everyMay be an image of text that says "SERVING OMIONITE FOR YEARS HINDU COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA Invites you for Grand Celebration of Bhagwan Krishna Janmashtami The Ponds 2 Deepavali Celebration L0V 5 D Saturday- September, 2023 5 PM to 10 PM Riverbank Primary School Hall, 25 Wentworth St., The Ponds Ras Leela Dahi Handi Bhajan Jankis Jhoola Aarti Kids Fancy Dress (Radha/Krishna) Sponsorship and FREE EVENT Regis tration entry Prasadam will served or Donations Yajmans and Volunteers are Welcome Contact Rahul 0403 519 684 Suresh 0418 440 380 GAURA TRAVEL" state and region of Australia. There were dozens of events organised by Hindu organisations and participated by 1000s of Hindus and the festivities were shared with many Australian politicians and the local community. 

May be an image of textThe Hindu Council of Australia collaborated with the Australian Bullion Company to create gold and silver coins with Shri Krishna’s image to celebrate Janmashtami 2023 in a special way.

One among these key Indian festivals is Shri Krishna Janmashtami an annual festival commemorated across India with great pomp & show to celebrate the divine birth of Shri Krishna, the 8th Incarnation of Shri Maha Vishnu.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami or Janmashtami (in short) is the birthday of Shri Krishna which is celebrated with great fervour and zeal in India and around the world during the monsoon month. If we go by the Hindu calendar, this important day falls on the Ashtami the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha or the dark fortnight of the Bhadon/Sravan month.

We all have known from Mahabharata that the birth of Shri Krishna happened to kill the demon Kansa who happens to be his maternal uncle. Whenever there is some imbalance in the universe regarding peace and prosperity, it is said that Shri Maha Vishnu comes to save humanity from the hands of demons and goons.

Story of Krishna | Bhagwan Krishna History and Wiki | Krishna ki KahaniShri Krishna was born in a cellular jail in Mathura city in Dwapara Yuga to Vasudeva and Devaki. Vasudeva and Devaki were sent to jail by Devaki’s brother Kamsa who also sent his father to jail for opposing his evil deeds. through prophecy, Kamsa understands that Devaki’s 8th child is going to be his slayer. So Kamsa puts his own sisters and her husband in jail so that he can kill the 8th child immediately when he is born. But the night when Shri Krishna was to be born, they were told by an angel/goddess to take Shri Krishna to Nanda Gokulam toKrishna drawing | How To Draw Janmashtami | Vasudeva Carries New Born Krishna to Gokul - YouTube safeguard him until he came of age to kill Kamsa. Then because angel/goddess, the guards fall asleep and the prison doors open.  Vasudeva then takes Shri Krishna and crosses the Yamuna River on a stormy night to leave his child at Nanda’s place in Gokulam to save him from the evil hands of Kansa. So, technically, Mata Yashodha and Nanda of the Gokul region of Mathura were the foster parents of Lord Krishna. What is one picture of Yashoda Mata and Kanha that will evoke great affection? - Quora

Now Shri Krishna was a wonder child and his skills had been noticed since childhood. People started believing that this small boy named Krishna was among the commoners to save them from all tumultuous situations. Slowly, the people of Nandgaon started celebrating the birth of Krishna in a grand way as they believed this day to be a fortunate one.

Why Krishna lifted the mighty Govardhan hill – A good lesson to learn | Spirituality News | Zee NewsShri Krishna killed many rakshasas who came to kill him on orders of Kamsa when he was a child, lifted a mountain to save the people of Gokul from a nasty storm, guided Arjuna to do the Dharma war at Kurukshetra when he was extremely emotional and distressed to kill his family and friends, Killed Narakasura, Shishupala etc. He killed his Kamsa when he was in his early teens and ruled the Dwaraka kingdom 

Lord krishna and arjuna HD wallpapers | PxfuelWe can say that this Janmashtami originated in Gokul and slowly engulfed the Mathura region and later on the whole of Bharat. And now even after 1000s of years, not just the whole country but Hindus everywhere in the world celebrates the birth of Shri  Krishna as he is the epitome of love, faith, friendship, and peace.

Why do we celebrate?

The tale of Mahabharata has a lot to do with the life of Shri Krishna. During the Dharma Yuddha(Kurukshetra war) between Pandavas and Kauravas, Shri Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna. He was counselling Arjuna on various segments of life like Dharma (righteous path), Karma (deeds), Theistic Devotion, Yogic ideals, salvation, knowledge, etc. because Arjuna was in emotional turmoil about killing his brothers and cousins. The verses mentioned in this book are often called a life guide or spiritual dictionary. Shri Krishna stated that whenever there is the prominence of evil deeds in this universe, he will reincarnate in various looks and attires to show the path of right and peace to people. The sole reason for celebrating this festival is to bring people together so that principles of dharma and unity strengthen.

Happy Janmashtami 2023: Significance of Dahi Handi celebration during Janmashtami - Times of IndiaDahi Handi is another important aspect of this festival that is observed on the second day of Janmashtami. As a kid, Shri Krishna loved dahi (yogurt) and Makhan (butter) and was named “Makhanchor” (who steals butter). He used to steal butter from every household of Gokul. Dahi Handi is an event where the same butter-stealing activity of Lord Krishna in narration. An earthen pot or handi is filled with butter, clarified butter or ghee, dry fruits, and milk suspended at a considerable height with the help of ropes. All the local young guys gather to make a human pyramid and climb on each other to reach the handi and break it. This is an activity that teaches the teamwork principles.

LORD KRISHNA LEAVES HIS FLUTE – kazhiyur varadan's blogShri Krishna loved to play the flute. His flute made everyone immersed in the music and dance. It attracted all the women folk of Gokul who often gathered around him and danced to the tunes that child Krishna played. His music was so magical that it attracted people and animals alike. The cows always gather around him to listen to magical music. Shri Krishna loves cows and said cow protection is one of the prime duties of any civilized society.

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