Shoebridge’s Hinduphobia exposed as hollow lies and false propaganda

By: Hindu SRE Providers.

A NSW Member of Parliament has made a baseless claim that Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) is a terrorist organization in NSW. The Hindu community is deeply hurt and offended by this spurious allegation. 

We wish to inform and assure you that the NSW Police have refuted the allegation and affirmed that VHP is not a proscribed terrorist organization. Furthermore, the NSW Department of Education has expressed support for VHP and endorsed the teaching services which it provides. 

The Hindu Council and Hindu SRE providers have requested that the Member of Parliament in question withdraw his allegation in the interests of repairing his relationship with the NSW Hindu community. 

We assure our Hindu community, children, parents and schools that all Hindu SRE providers, including VHP, will continue to provide quality education. 

Supported by all Hindu SRE providers:

  1. Hindu Council of Australia
  2. Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia Inc. (VHP) 
  3. Chinmaya Mission Australia 
  4. The Saiva Manram  
  5. JET Australia 

(SRE stands for Special Religious Education, a program of Department of Education of NSW state in Australia.  The program permits approved SRE providers to teach religious education to children in schools. Five Hindu organizations are registered with the department and are teaching Hinduism to school children.)



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