Sewa Australia’s refugee computer training program

Friday, 6th October 2023, In collaboration with JRS, Sewa Australia conducted Computer training for Refugee women in Australia. In total 10 participants were trained on the Basics of computing.

Sewa Australia is a member of the Hindu Council of Australia.

Our first session was conducted for 4 hours with the help of 3 Volunteers of Sewa, speaking about what Sewa does and how technology can be used to our benefit, This will enable these 10 women, who will be empowered to be placed in the right job of their choice.
Thanks to Pooja Venkatesh, Gautham Rao and Vijay H.A. for driving these sessions to empower women in our community

If you are looking for opportunities to Volunteer, there are heaps. Contact Team Sewa Australia for more information, how you can contribute or how you can benefit from various programs we have.

Team Sewa.

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