Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam only Online Gurukulam

The one and only online Gurukulam where you can learn everything for free. You can either join their free classes or learn from their free youtube videos. All classes are free because the aim is to spread the forgotten knowledge and bring back the glory of Sanatana Dharma.

Guru Shri Vishwanath Shastri Datar ji is the inspiration for this gurukulam, its mission and vision. Shri Vishwanath Shastri Datar had been the guru for over 30 years teaching various subjects like Ayurveda, Arthshastra, Nyaya Darshan, Vedant etc.

Now Shri Vishwanath Shastri guru ji’s top student Mehul Bhai Acharya ji has taken charge of the Gurukulm after the guruji.

Gurukul mission is to bring back the ancient family values, food values, parental values and make the country healthy by bringing back the ancient methods of agriculture, protecting the cows and the ancient knowledge.

This is not a paid school or a business in any sense but only an organisation with an aim to spread the ancient knowledge. Guru ji Mehul Bhai says “we are eating chemical laden foods, chemical laden medicines which are making us more sick, forgetting our family values, no care for family and the great joint family system of Bharat is a most getting extinct, there are more suicides, depressions, divorces and much more stress. This is all because we lost our ancient knowledge & values and became so materialistic.” This is all very true, isn’t it? We all know about it already but they are doing something about it.

Their youtube videos are uploaded immediately after their online classes are complete. So it’s literally the same as joining the online classes. Check out their website
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So let’s join hands with them by learning through their live online classes or from their you tube videos, spread the knowledge and do our best to bring back the ancient values of our great Bharat.