Responding to the challenges of displaced people

Untold stories of refugees in India, their struggles and man behind supporting to enhance their well being and integration.

Hear directly from the man who is on the ground with them and has setup many resettlement camps and revived their lives.

Hindu Council of Australia is proudly presenting two events one in Sydney and one in Canberra.

Date: Sunday 1st June 2024, at 06:00 PM
Venue: North Hall, Guildford Community Centre, 363-373 Guildford Road, Guildford

Date: Saturday 2nd June 2024, at 04:00 PM
Venue: Hindu Temple, 81 Ratcliffe Cres, Florey, Canberra

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet him and learn about the struggles of refugees.

Look forward to seeing you, events followed by refreshments.



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