Community Services

Hindu Council serves Australian community through its targeted activities.

  • Karma Kitchen serving free food to needy and homeless in Parramatta, NSW
  • Hindu Chaplaincy programs in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Conducts First Aid training course for community volunteers
  • Helps needy in emergency through Hindu Benevolent Fund
  • Sponsors Pada Yatra (walkathon) visiting various Hindu temples between Westmead and Helensburgh in NSW

Hindu Youth

Hindu youth has been participating in Youth Parliament of World's Religions (PoWR). Youth PoWR is by youth, for youth, with ...
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Paad Yatra or Walkathon to Temple

It is a HINDU tradition to “walk to a pilgrim” on special events / occasions and during in some festive ...
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Karma Kitchen

"KARMA KITCHEN" is an initiative taken by Hindu Council Australia to distribute free food to homeless and needy people in ...
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Rural outreach of Hindu Council of Australia

Hindu Council of Australia is a federation of Hindu organizations and has members in every state. As many Hindus have ...
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Hindu Arts

The Hindu Council of Australia and the Strathfield Council are hosting a unique ‘Diwali’ themed art exhibition at Strathfield’s High ...
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Hindu Ecology

Hindu Ecology Earth, in which the seas, the rivers and many waters lie, From which arise foods and fields of ...
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ANZAC JAWAN remembrance

By: Bhagwat Chauhan. We were working on some time to create a history, a small team of Ashwani Jain, Sanjeev ...
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Hindu Chaplaincy

Hindu Council proides Hindu chaplaincy services in hospitals, Jails and Universities to provide emotional spiritual counseling to University students. NSW ...
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Australian Hindu Temples

[tab name="ACT"] Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre, Canberra 81 Ratcliffe Crescent (Cnr. Connah St.), Florey ACT 2615 Ph: 02 6259 ...
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Stop killing Hindus: Condemnation of atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh

While Bangladeshis are celebrating the Durga Puja, the biggest festival of Hindus, the horror of violence and atrocities committed by ...
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Hindu Genocide in Bangladesh by Jihadi’s continues

You may have been aware that there have been vicious attacks on the minority Hindu Community. As we understand it, ...
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Hindu Council helps Afghan refugees in Australia

By: Ashwani Sharma. Hindu Council reached out to Afghan Peace Foundation to facilitate the process of delivery and donation to ...
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9 things to know about Navaratri

9 things to know about Navaratri By Syama Allard October 16, 2020 1) Navaratri celebrates the Feminine Divine A nine-night ...
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HAF Virtual Event: Dismantling Global Hinduphobia

Join the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) for a virtual event exploring the growing phenomenon of Hinduphobia, its global roots, and ...
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Hinduphobia debunked by Public prosecutor and Justice in Australia

By: Hindu Council of Australia. Hinduphobia and hate against Hindus or asking them to lie low and not to show ...
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