Press Release – Attack on Israel

Date : 8th October 2023


Hindus in Australia with a lot of pain, are watching the horror being inflicted on innocent Israeli citizens. Killing, mutilating, kidnapping, parading and torture of civilians by extreme ideologues are war crimes.

Hindu Council of Australia stands in solidarity with all Israelis, with Jews around the world and with our Jewish brothers and sisters in Australia during one of the darkest hour of humanity in our life times.

We call upon all people of all faiths around the world and in Australia to condemn these barbaric acts being conducted while perpetrators are chanting religious slogans. Faith teaches brotherhood, peace and love. It should not be hijacked by violent tribal cruel criminals.

This is not the first time that fanatic terrorists have brought havoc and destruction, scarring human civilisation and humanity. Let us all work steadfast and in unison to ensure that such a disgrace on human rights does not repeat, ever.

We call upon Australian government to pursue all avenues available to it including United Nations to ensure that these war criminals are identified, prosecuted and punished.

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Press Release - Attack on Israel

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