Parijatham (Kuchipudi Krishna Dance Drama) by the highly talented, devoted and accomplished Artists

Sadhanalaya School of Arts will be presenting Parijatham (a 90-minute dance drama that features four characters: Narada, Queen Rukhmini, Lord Krishna and Queen Satyabhama) in the classical Indian dance style, Kuchipudi (a sensuous, graceful and exacting, and set to Carnatic music, dates back to the 15th century). In it, Narada gives Lord Krishna the divine Parijatha flower, and suggests that Lord Krishna give it to his favourite consort. Although Lord Krishna knows that this will create conflict between the gentle and devoted Queen Rukhmini and proud and feisty Queen Satyabhama, he gives it to Queen Rukhmini. This enrages Queen Satyabhama but she finally accepts that devotion prevails over love and recognises there can be universal love and devotion for Lord Krishna. Parijatham showcases various traditional and complex elements of the Kuchipudi repertoire, including a segment where dancers perform intricate movements while dancing on the edges of a brass plate.

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