Ongoing relief efforts to support those affected by Tropical Cyclone Yasa

Fijian Community Leaders & Friends of Fiji, kindly requesting if you can assist with disseminating the below information with regards to the ongoing relief efforts to support those affected by TC Yasa:

Bula Vinaka. As you know, Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasa struck Fiji and wrought destruction on 17 December 2020. Being a Category 5 cyclone and one of the most powerful to make landfall in the Southern hemisphere, TC Yasa destroyed homes, caused significant damage to infrastructure and has left four people dead in Fiji. While the damage assessment is still at the initial stages and the Government together with relevant agencies are in the process of accessing the affected areas, the extent of the devastation is becoming clearer and some of the actions required to provide immediate relief to individuals, families and communities have been ascertained.

The Government is working closely with international development partners, multilateral and regional agencies, civil society organisations and the private sector to provide the relief and assistance needed by the Fijian people who have been affected. To this end, we are organising emergency relief to be sent from Sydney to Fiji:

WHERE: Racer Freight Services, 16 Powerdrill Rd, Prestons NSW 2170
WHEN: Mon – Fri 9AM – 4PM (there will also be pallets on-site where you can drop off your donations outside of these times)

– non-perishable food items
– cooking/eating utensils & kitchen sets
– sanitary products & hygiene kits
– first aid kits & medical supplies
– school supplies & early learning materials
– shelter kits & materials – tents, tarpaulins, tool kits etc
– good quality & suitable clothing
– blankets
– solar lights

Please ensure that boxes are appropriately packed and labeled to assist with sorting and documentation.

Be COVID-safe: in the interest of public safety in line with current health advise, we are asking that when making donations, you wear a mask, rubber gloves (if possible) and maintain social distancing.

We also continue to encourage you to make monetary donations directly to the Prime Minister’s National Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation: TC Yasa trust account, the details for which can be found here:

The Fijian Government is focused on providing shelter and emergency relief supplies, restoring transportation and communication links, building back better, rebuilding infrastructure and re-establishing livelihoods for the affected people and communities.

Your contribution and the support of all Friends of Fiji is very much welcomed and sincerely appreciated as we work together to assist those who have lost homes or livelihoods and adversely affected by TC Yasa in Fiji.

Vinaka vakalevu.

Daniel Stow

Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission, Australia & New Zealand
Address: Suite 8.01, Level 8, 227 Elizabeth St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: (+612) 9900 0700

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