Oldest Hindu in Australia passes away

By: Prakash Mehta, National President, Hindu Council of Australia.

Respected Shankalal ji passed away a week ago. He was an icon and we may never see such a vibrant Hindu in Australia again.

Hindu Council of Australia conveys sincere condolences and pays respectful homage and tributes to the holy soul of Shri Shankerlal Trivedi

His passing away is a great loss for Trivedi Parivar, Gujarati Community as well as wider Hindu community. He was the oldest Indian Australian. He remained active and participating all functions until he took his last breath on 11 July 2019 at the age of 107 and six months. His activeness at this age was surprise to many of us.

He lost both parents at the age of six and lived very hard child life; however, with the support of relatives he achieved academic success. During his work as clerk at Gaikwad secretariat and subsequently as Deputy collector in Gujrat Government, he honestly served the poor, tribal people of Chota Udepur in Gujarat. The Government of Gujarat had felicitated his tireless and dedicated service for relief work during Surat flood.
His whole life was abide by hard work, honesty and his divine vision of Lord (Paramattma) in the service of humanity, made him very respectable in the whole community. His simple way to develop, remember and maintain relationship has made him “Dada ji”for all who came in his contact.

To live long, healthy, and honest life with activeness until last breath is ancient Rishi tradition of India. We are fortunate to witness that Rishi tradition in his simple life. The need of the hour is to offer our gratitude to Shri Shankerlal Trivedi and his remembrance will inspire all of us to live honest, long, healthy and active life to serve community.


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