NSW announces 27 million dollars grant for well being school workers

The NSW state government has announced $9 million each year for next three years to have well being officers in schools. Both religious and atheists can apply. Community gives $7000, School gives $7000 then the govt will also give $7000, then the school can hire a well being officers for $21000. Mr Paul Green, MLC Christian Democratic party announced to gathered religious leaders that from now on private schools will be treated at par with government schools when it comes to developing their land. It will save them up to $15000 in development costs.
Mr Paul Green is a member of the Legislative council of NSW and is from Christian Democratic party. He and Reverend Fred Niles assured all the religious leaders that their party wants to support all faiths by helping other faiths to get their voices heard in the state parliament. A number of Christian bishops said they feel comeradry with other non-christian faiths to fight the onslaught by atheists on faith groups. One of the bishops voiced his concerns that it is not the freedom of church but the freedom of individuals to keep their faith and not be discriminated at work place. He further explained that my right to preach can never be taken away but the right of people declaring their faith and their opinion in work place is in danger. He fears that many people fear that they will loose their job if they express their religious views.
The Premier thanked religious groups for working well and patiently with the government especially last year when things always did not go their way.

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