Misuse of sacred Hindu symbols and spiritual images

By : Prakash Mehta.


Brookvale Union

We are disappointed that a picture has been published in SMH dated  13 Nov 2018 (copy attached)  depicting the image of Ganesh – the deity that Hindus worship.  Incidentally, you were kind enough to write respond to earlier similar occurrence as per your email dt 11 Nov 2013 to Prof Nihal (copy attached) then President of the Hindu Council that there was no intention to hurt the sensitivities of Hindu community and that this has been noted and that you will look at other options.

 As you would know Hinduism is the fourth largest religion in the world (https://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/10/06/the_odd_body_religion/ ) with nearly one billion adherents across the world.  Non-violence towards all underpins Hinduism.  Consequently, hurting sentiments of people who are otherwise peace-loving sends a wrong message and can provoke people.  I am sure you would be taking similar care for other major world religions. 

 Consequently, could we request you once again to please withdraw such pictorial depiction in the interest of maintaining communal harmony for which Australia is well-known worldwide and you would agree, it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that this image of Australia is not tarnished.  As you wrote in your earlier email, if this has happened inadvertently once again then, could we request you to please take due care in future and also withdraw this picture as promised by you earlier?

 Thanks in advance for your help

Kind Regards

Prakash Mehta

National President

Hindu Council of Australia

Email by Brookvale dated 11 Nov 2013

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