Meet with UNSW Hindu Society

By: Bhupinder Chabra, University Chaplaincy Coordinator, Hindu Council of Australia.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting with University of NSW Hindu Society to discuss the initiatives they have established and challenges they face at university. The Hindu Society is lead by Abhijit Srivastav and Moumita Paul and they continue to grow at UNSW. The society is very active among the students, they have already established regular time when Parvachan/ discussion of Hindu Mythology, role of spirituality is initiated, all are welcomed to have Q & A session.

The Hindu Society is actively seeking support from Hindu Council of Australia, that how we can further support the need to Hindu students and more I was impressed with the interest of young people that they are so keen to promote Hinduism among students and want to share our culture and religion.

We discussed that society will finalise the dates of certain suggested events; Kirten, informal discussion, bring questions and for HCA then to organise relevant support to ensure such work to promote Hinduism continues. I am very thankful to Abhijit and Moumita to continue tirelessly work to promote Hindu Society and our culture.

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