Mark Latham calls out Greens parties vilifications of Hindus in Australia

A Greens party member of NSW Parliament had recently accused VHP, a Hindu not-for-profit organization of being an extremist organization. Mr Shoebridge’s allegation has been denied by the Police and VHPs work in teaching Hinduism at schools has been appreciated by the Department of Education, by the NSW Minister of Multiculturalism and by MP Mark Latham of One Nation Party. Mr Shoebridge has not retracted his statement and nor has he apologized to VHP and Hindu community. 

Mr Mark Latham has raised this unfounded accusation and vilification of Australian Hindus by raising the issue in the Upper House of NSW. Green party members (who have accused Hindu community without any basis) objected to Mr Latham’s motion and the matter will now be debated in the House perhaps next week.

Hindu Community is thankful to Mr Mark Latham for his support.