Know Thy Potential

By: Jiten Damudre.

Maruti thought it was a red fruit and leapt towards it, and realized He could fly great heights. Did little Maruti catch the fruit? As He reached closer, He realized it wasn’t any red fruit, it was the Sun. Although He did try eating it, which made the gods afraid, and the King of the gods – Indra, knocked him unconscious with his thunderbolt. But little Maruti had realized His potential, and all He wanted to do was to play all day long. But his play wasn’t cheerful anymore, and it troubled those around him. Soon Maruti became a menace to the very people He lived with.

His parents Kesari and Anjana had asked Him to behave and not to disturb the people around. But Maruti thought it was fun! He would often pull the beard of the sages who sat in deep meditation, then run away. He ate fruits that were offered to the Gods on the temple altar. He would vandalize numerous trees and plants around the hermitage. The sages ignored him until they had had enough.
One day, when Maruti was busy having fun – vandalizing the property of a sage’s hermitage,the Sage became furious. He chased Maruti and cursed him that He shall immediately forget all the infinite powers He had, until someone reminded Him of them.

The curse came true and Maruti immediately forgot about all of His powers. Until one day, when Ram wished to confirm, by sending someone to Lanka to check if Sita was abducted and held hostage. Ram knew no one of such great strength to swim across the ocean to bring Him the news. Jambavan (Bear) knew about Hanuman’s immense strength and potential. He was aware of His ability to fly great heights and immense strength. Jambavan reminded Hanuman of his strength and capabilities.

On realising His own potential, Hanuman quickly sprang into action and flew into the air. He flew across the ocean and found out Sita’s whereabouts, speaking to Her, and informing Her that Ram was coming to rescue Her. He then flew back to Ram to disclose all the information He gathered.

There are many Maruti’s amongst us who have forgotten about our own potential. The causes of our forgetfulness can be any number of things. In the case of Maruti, it was the curse. But in many amongst us, it could be lack of opportunity to show our talent, physical or emotional traumas in our lives, or any number of other things. Even if one is working with the best of the heads in a company (Ram), your very head may not be aware of your own potential.

It is Jambavan (Parent/Teacher/Supervisor/Manager/Trainer) who takes keen interest in knowing every candidate’s potential, and putting it to use. While in this case, Jambavan could also be seen as your counselor or therapist, who helps you heal from your past traumas, and not only makes you realize your potential, but also encourages you to perform the tasks which you think are impossible.
Hiding, postponing, avoiding tasks is not an answer to any of these issues.

Addressing them, seeking help from professionals like counselors, or hypnotherapists can be really helpful to overcome these feelings of lack of confidence.

Meanwhile, while you are researching and seeking your own help, here are couple of things that you could do to help you build your lost confidence:

1. Eliminate negativity from your life – whether it be thoughts, people, habits.

2. Compliment others. It helps you build positive relationships with people.

3. Do at least one good thing for your body every single day.

4. Develop your brain by learning a new language, reading a new book, trying new recipes.

5. Picture your success.

6. Believe in your ability to improve. Have a growth mindset – it helps you to stay focused and overcome negatives.

7. Practice failure, it helps to develop new strategies, and communicate and discuss issues with others.

The information and views expressed in the blog are individual and inspired from writer’s experience and study in Hypnotherapy and Mythology.

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