Katha & Kirtan by Brij Balika Shree ji from Barsana, Bharat

Katha & Kirtan by Shree ji from Maan Mandir, Barsana on Saturday 6 July 2019 from 5.00-8.00 PM at HTCC Canberra.

Sadhvi Shree ji is brought up under the guidance of a great saint Shri Ramesh baba ji Maharaj, founder of Mata ji Goshala and Maan Mandir Seva Trust in Barsana. Mata ji Goshala is an abode of over 50,000 cows, many of them were rescued from being slaughtered. Shree ji is creating public awareness and spreading the divine message of importance of cows protection and GoSeva as a part of our ancient Sanatan Dharma culture and traditions.

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