By: Damji Koria, Perth.



Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Perth and Hindu Council of Australia, Perth chapter celebrated the International day of Yoga on Sunday the 24th of June from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm at George Burnett Leisure Centre at Karwara . The wet weather could not supress the excitement for the event which attracted a sankhya of more than 100 people from general public as well as amongst shakhas .

The guests for the event were Ms Sue Doherty- Mayor of South Perth, Sh. Dinesh Kumar Bhardwaj – Consul for Indian Consulate Perth, Sh. Ashok Patil – Basava Samiti and Mannaneya Sh. Bheeshma Chary Mallapuram. We started the utsav with Sh. Kishorji Kerai, Karyavah HSS Perth leading the guests for deep prajawalan.

This was followed by a spectacular yoga performance by youth on the song Adyogi. The guests then gave a short speech highlighting the importance of Yoga in our lives.

The yoga asanas session began with warm up exercises. The approach throughout the yoga sessions was for the demonstrators to first show the correct approach for performing the asanas to allow the audience to then undertake the asanas under the guidance of the volunteers from the yoga team.

The first session comprised of six standing asanas, namely Tadaasana, Ardhkatichakrasana, Ardhchakrasana, Padhastasana, Virbhadrasana – Type -1 &2. This was followed up with performing surya namaskar kriyas in the backdrop a melodious music. The sitting asanas comprised of Samtal sthiti and Bhadrok asana. The lying down asanas comprised of Salbhasana, Dhanurasana, Pawanpukta asana and setbhandanasana. Once the main asanas were complete, after a short break, Bhasrika pranayama and Anulom vilom pranayama kriyas were performed by the audience.

The penultimate part the event was a meditation session undertaken by Smt. Darsheeji from Isha foundation. A short video presentation by Sadhguru maharaj was followed by a meditation session. Immediately thereafter Mannaneya Sh. Bheeshmaji shared his thoughts on the importance of yoga in our daily lives and water resource conservation.

The vote of thanks was offered by Smt. Sadhnaji from Hindu Council of Australia. Everyone was offered a fruit (banana) to conclude the event for the day.

The damp weather notwithstanding, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and learnt some great asanas to continue practicing in their daily lives.

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