The Hindu Council of Australia joins all Faiths and Cultures to recognise International Women’s Day today, 8 March 2021 and admit to the fact that a lot more remains for the world, including our own countries of origin and abode to bring Women at par if not ahead of Men in many fields of endeavor.

It’s just over a hundred years ago that Women received legal recognition in some countries and 50 years later, the United Nations in 1977, officially established the International Women’s Day.

Women still, since the advent of humankind and receiving equal rights on paper and in some cases, the Law, lag behind in Education, Business, Equal Pay, Representation on Boards, Politics and Parliaments and remain the victims of Human Rights violations, domestic violence and domestic and workplace discrimination.

The Hindu Council of Australia would like to continue to work with organisations and mechanisms towards bringing more rapid change in values, attitudes, understanding, respect and appreciation for Women in all aspects of life.

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