International Bindi and Tilak Day 2023 on 15th October

International Bindi and Tilak Day was on 15th October, the first day of Navaratri.

It was celebrated all over the world with huge enthusiasm and dedication. The Hindu Council of Australia joined many organisations worldwide to celebrate this age-old Hindu tradition of Bindu and Tilak. 

Organisations like Friends of India Australia, Batukamma & Dussehra Inc, Temples such as Sri Mandir in Auburn, Hindu Society in Hobart and Venkateshwara Temple in Helensburgh, Hindu Artefacts stores such as Sanskruti Emporium, manu individuals like Councillor Sandhya Reddy from Strathfield have hosted events and celebrated the tradition.

There are many logical and scientific explanations of how Bindi or Tilak benefits one. We all know it has become sort of either a style statement or a symbol of religion. However, according to many explanations, it has nothing to do with religion or style. Bindi and Tilak are worn differently in different regions of Bharat and in many other countries. 

People use Kumkum (usually made of Turmeric powder), Sandalwood Powder, Vibhuti (Ash from the Yagna, fresh and dried) etc. Different material means different things and different benefits.

But whatever may be the benefits, one should not forget their traditions and should not be afraid, embarrassed or feel awkward to practice the traditions that have been passed on for millions of years. Most traditions have either some physical benefits or some spiritual significance and that is exactly why our ancestors practised it, passed them on and fought with invaders to keep them alive.

It is honouring our ancestors when practice these traditions that they’ve collectively kept alive and continued for millions of years. So we should be proud to practice these traditions. We all can research most of our traditions and find out what it means then pass it on to the next generation. 

If we practice them with pride then our next generation will feel the same and do the same. Culture, traditions, customs and our heritage make us feel like belong and are confident so let’s give that same confidence and feeling to the next generation as well. 

If you can, wear the Bindi or Tilak every day but if it really feels too much to wear it to work daily, wear it when you come home, at the weekends, at social events, festivals etc.







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