In solidarity dinner with Medical Professionals

You might have heard about the Project “Service the Needy” here locally where Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) helped. Thousands of needy people last year with grocery hampers, cooked meals and other needs.
HCA has now embarked on supporting the needy in India during this pandemic. Hindu Benevolent Fund ( HBF), a charity body of HCA, is working with Sewa Bharti in Delhi to support with setting up mobile oxygen units and additional beds as well as providing food and medicines to Covid patients.
HBF set an aim to procure 100 AirCurve Machines from ResMed Australia. The journey to raise funds for the same started at Adyar Ananda Bhavan (A2B) in Harris Park from 6 pm on Sunday 30th May. Fundraiser was organized not just to raise funds but also to have discussion with medical professionals who has been on the forefront fighting COVID to find some solutions and
give advice on COVID-19.
Around 80+ medical professionals including GPs, nurses, Psychologists and 20+ enthusiastic members of community have attended the event. Dr Ashish Agar has hosted the night, initiating a discussion about the experiences with of the medicos and others.
The key agenda was what support can be provided to the needy in India and that opened the discussion with the doctors attending the event. There was a mix of Young and Senior Doctors who explained on what they are currently doing vs what can be done.
One of the long time HCA director Mr. Singhal has told how his daughter created video about how to take self-care in COVID. Dr. Shailendra Sawleshwarkar, Dr. Rajeev Jairam, Dr. Sunil Vyas,
Dr. Eshwar Madas, Dr. ThavaSeelan, and many others who participated have tabled their views and how they are supporting and more importantly they clarified that locally
there is resistance in taking vaccines and emphasized on the importance of getting vaccinated and cleared misconceptions about vaccination.
They all have said it is the responsibility of everyone to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their loved ones and the society. They have advised not to be scared and get vaccinated as soon as possible. Dr. Jayapal said spread positive messages and disregard the media who is focusing more on negative messages i.e. deaths, cremations etc., which is creating fear and depression in people here and overseas.
Resmed Australia a medical equipment company who has developed an oxygen producing equipment called AirCurve offered for a discounted price to HCA. AirCurve is designed for people with breathing problems. It has built-in wireless connectivity which enables the doctor to monitor the progress. Guests given an option to sponsor an AirCurve and around 5-10 machines
were sponsored by medicos and other members of the community.
This was a first of a kind of event organised only with medical professionals. All medicos have expressed happiness for HCA taking the initiative to include the professionals and pressed on the importance of getting professionals together to create a network.
A2B has served a scrumptious vegetarian buffet, which equally satisfied the success of a unique event and the buzz around the room was to have more such events to support the community in these times of crisis.
HCA have hosted another event in Dural at Maddisons which was focused on Business Community helping the same cause. Over all they had a successful night in both places raising the needed funds.
Donations are still welcome and anybody seeking for information can email for more information and ways they can join them.

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