Hindus in Australia now have a Voice in the NSW State Government

By Kamakshi Shenoy

We are so pleased to announce that we Hindus in Australia now have a Voice in the NSW State Government.  What does it mean or how does it work for Hindus?? Here is the answer to all your questions.

A Hindu Council of Australia representative is now nominated to be on board with NSW State’s Religious Communities Advisory Council.

Mr. Surinder Jain, National Vice President for HCA will be our Voice of Hindu’s at the State level.

From Left to Right : Surinder Jain, Neelima Paravastu, Mark Coure

Mr Mark Coure, Minister for Multiculturalism said,

While this is the first time a council like this has been created, it’s actually formalising the work and active collaboration that’s been happening between the NSW Liberal-National Government and religious communities for years. We understand when communities and government work closely together, it leads to better outcomes for everyone, and that is exactly what we will achieve for religious communities across the state with this new advisory council.

The Council’s work is guided by the Multicultural Principles, which are enshrined in the Multicultural NSW Act 2000 as the policy of the State in NSW. The committee includes two Hindu representatives in this 15 member body, Surinder Jain of Hindu Council of Australia and Pandit Ramachandra Athreiya of the Australian Council of Hindu Clergy.

Vision of the Hindu Council is to provide the Hindu community with a forum to network and keep the Hindu culture, tradition, language, and beliefs alive. The association also provides support to new migrants, families, youth, and seniors and helps assimilate Hindu’s into the Australian community.

The association has provided valuable services and benefits to HCA members as well as non members and will continue to do so for decades to come in the future.

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