Hindu women saints songs on SBS radio

By: Gayatri Bharat.

For the first time, SBS will broadcast a Hindu women saints based Indian classical musical series that I have produced. 
(My page has more details about me.)
The series “mystic women” is about Indian HINDU women saints, their struggles, inspiration and the beauty of their songs. 
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This is about Hindu women saints, their strengths, struggles, spirituality and the beauty of their songs, and so, I would really appreciate if HCA can promote this through your newsletter
I have done this series to promote our indian classical music and the greatness of our women saints to the wider audience. 
I would really want this series to reach the wider Australian, South Asian and wider audience so our next generation growing here gets exposed to not just classical music but the richness of our religion. would appreciate if HCA can promote this through your newsletter. 
I can give more details about this production, if interested.
Gayatri Bharat


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