Hindu defenders – Scott Farlow Liberal candidate for Legislative Council NSW

Scott Farlow is an MLC in NSW Legislative Council currently serves as the Government Whip in the Legislative Council. He is also a candidate for the Upper House in 2023 elections from the Liberal Party. Scott defended Hindus, VHP and SRE in the Parliament.

Scott Farlow

If you would like to thank Scott for defending Hindus, his contact details are :

Summary of speech by Scott Farlow defending Hindus from attack by the Greens Party

The Hon. SCOTT FARLOW said, “Like the Hon. Mark Latham, I was at one of those budget estimates hearings, where I heard Mr David Shoebridge’s outrageous slurs. As we know, Vishva Hindu Parishad [VHP] is a registered incorporated charity in New South Wales with no paid staff but over 250 volunteers who dedicate themselves to supporting the community and, in particular, special religious education [SRE]. We now have over 187,000 Hindus in New South Wales, of which 34 percent are under the age of 14. VHP is not listed in the current edition of the CIA World Factbook, and Mr Shoebridge has not put forward any allegations or evidence of any illegal actions, extremist positions or issues with them.

A transcript of the debate can be found at : Legislative Council Hansard – 12 May 2021 – Proof (nsw.gov.au)

A video of the debate is available at :

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