Hindu defenders – Mark Latham candidate for Legislative Council from One Nation Party

Mark Latham is a member and a candidate in upcoming election of Legislative assembly as a member of One Nation Party. Mr Mark Latham has raised the issue of an unfounded accusation and vilification of Australian Hindus by a member of the Greens Party in the Upper House of NSW.

A Greens party parliamentarian Mr David Shoebridge in a parliament committee meeting attacked one of the Hindu SRE provider as an extremist Hindu organisation and tried to stop it from teaching Hinduism at schools. You can read all about it at Parliament records at : Legislative Council Hansard – 12 May 2021 – Proof (nsw.gov.au)

If you would like to thank Mark for his support to Hindus, you can contact him as below :

Phone : (02) 9230 3682


MP Mark Latham defends Hindus and SRE

Mr Mark Latham is an MP in the upper house of NSW (from One Nation party) and is chairman of the Education committee where Mr Shoebridge had raised this false accusations. Mr Latham assured to help Hindus and VHP and put a motion in Parliament asking among other things that

“Mr Shoebridge to withdraw his comments and apologise to the Hindu community, especially at this time of great concern and heartbreak caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in India.”



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