Hindu Council supports Remove Hate from the Debate campaign

Hindu Council of Australia and Multicultural NSW is supporting an important campaign called Remove Hate from the Debate and we’d love you to be involved. 

We know that online hate speech has an impact on social cohesion and on young people in our state. In fact, research has shown that 53% of young people have seen or heard racist or hateful comments about cultural or religious groups online.  Everyone should be able to live free from hate. We all want to live in a peaceful and harmonious society, and this includes in the online space.

Let’s all work together to Remove Hate from the Debate. The Remove Hate from the Debate campaign aims to amplify and empower positive voices for change and to help people understand how to respond when confronted with hate speech online. Remove Hate from the Debate is supported by our fearless Ambassadors. We can ALL become Remove Hate From The Debate Ambassadors.


You can find out more and also participate in the campaign by going to


Remove Hate2-Tips for overcoming hate

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