Hindu council in Parramasala parade

Hindu council of Australia has partnered with Parramasala festival to celebrate International Women’s day and Gargi Woman Awards. Parramasala is a three day celebration Parramatta’s cultural diversity. The festival began on Friday 9th March 2018 with a parade from Parramatta Town Hall to Prince Alfred Park.

Different ethnic cultures at home in Parramatta were represented including a Rajasthani pretend Paalki, Chinese dragon dance, Africans, Malayali drums and so on. Hindu council women participated in the parade in traditional sarees.

On reaching the park the parade was welcomed by aboriginal country people, by the mayor of Parramatta and by various MPs. The mayor mentioned Indians as one of the vibrant communities of Parramatta. A bollywood theme “Dream Girls of Bollywood” dance program was the highlight of the day.

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