Hindu Council condemns Terrorist attack on Sikhs in Kabul

The Hindu Council of Australia express our horror and sorrow at the attack perpetrated on members of the SIKH community at Gurudwara in Kabul, Afghanistan on 25 March 2020.
We condemns the senseless massacre of 25 innocent worshippers including women and children at SIKH Gurudwara. All people no matter where they are in world must be able to worship in peace and security in their place of worship.
The world must unite to take strongest measures to allow men and women of all faiths to pray safely not only at their own religious institutions but also anywhere in the world.
We express our deep sympathy to members of the Sikh community all over the world. Our prayers are with the victims who lost their lives and their families.
We pray that the injured are quickly restored to good health and mourn for those who the world has lost.
Ends 26 March 2020