Hindu Chaplains send a copy of Bhagwat Geeta to a Hindu prison inmate

A request was received by Hindu Council of Australia through its web site from a Christian Chaplain in one of the prisons. A Hindu inmate in the prison wanted to obtain and read a copy of Bhagwat Geeta. Our Chaplaincy team immediately sprung into action. Somesh Sibal from Hindu Council procured a copy of Bhagwat Geeta and sent it to the authorities. He has now received a confirmation of receipt of the Bhagwat Geeta. Congratulations Hindu Chaplains and Congratulations Hindu Chaplaincy team.

Inquiries are now being made now to find out if the inmate would like to see a Hindu Chaplain on a regular basis. Hindu Council of Australia has over 25 trained Hindu Chaplains who provide services in Sydney and Melbourne.

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