Hindu Candidate – Mritunjay Singh One Nation for Parramatta

Mritunjay Singh for Parramatta

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Mritunjay Kumar Singh (MK) is a husband and father and a proud member of Parramatta community. He is an experienced and passionate educator, teaching history and mathematics at high schools for more than 3 decades in 3 completely different kinds of countries, and has been recognised as an outstanding professional, producing some of the best HSC results in NSW.

He has established and run community language schools and community library and participated in numerous charitable activities.

MK carries the strong belief that ‘Nations are built or destroyed in the classrooms,’ and actively works to engage and implement feedback from parents and community. MK agrees with parents’ concerns that the relaxed attitude towards bullying in the classroom is common throughout schools; which creates a disruptive and unsafe general environment especially for vulnerable people and children with special needs at higher risk. MK believes in supporting children and young people at an individual level and therefore appreciates alternative pathways to regular schooling when required, such as work-placement or behaviour schools.

He also advocates for stricter punishments for crimes, recognising that emergency service members, police and health service workers are one of the most vulnerable in the community to violence and other crimes.

MK has assisted many mothers to transition back to the workforce and gain independence and empowerment in the process. He supports values of hard work, mateship, traditional family and community-centred support systems. MK is the first migrant from his family and prides himself in leading his family towards further education in both tertiary and technical skill institutions. He is proud of the fact that every adult in his extended family works and pays tax and deeply values hard work, patriotism and believes that “Centrelink handout should be the last resort.

MK believes that the combination of nuclear, gas, coal and renewable energy is best for energy security as well as for tackling climate change. However, MK also acknowledges that fear-based misinformation is widespread throughout classrooms and modern media. MK encourages a critical lens towards these narratives and believes “We need to produce positive students and citizens who understand the present and future challenges of the world and are confident that science is capable of solving MOST problems from cancer to climate change.

He believes that school education should be about literacy, numeracy and instilling a scientific temper and a passion for investigation. MK seeks your vote to reach the NSW parliament to stop fear-mongering and political indoctrination for the benefit of extreme leftist political parties in NSW classrooms.

MK always looks to the PRESENT as the best time in the world’s history and is always optimistic about the FUTURE.


Contact Information

Phone: 0420 373 385
Email: parramatta@nswonenation.org.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MritunjaySingh.PHON

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