Hindu Candidate – Amit Batish One Nation candidate for Upper House

Amit Batish is a first-generation migrant of Indian heritage who has run a small business for 15 years while raising a young family in Western Sydney. He has lived in Australia for more then 22 years and seen the decline in the politics firsthand.

He decided to run at the upcoming State election as he believed it was his “solemn duty to fight for the future of our country and as a parent it is our duty to fight for the future of our children”.

As a member of proud Indian-Australian community he puts great importance on education, owning a house and traditional values that are so dear to traditionally conservative Indian community.

He said that the biggest issue was education, rising electricity prices and cost of living pressures and urged voters to think hard about their vote in this state election.

Western Sydney areas are facing the impact of the bad policies of the Liberal govt over the years which is making it extremely difficult for average person.

“One Nation has been leading the fight for the education of your children, parental rights and traditional values, for jobs and manufacturing, and for affordable energy and cost of living solutions.” he said.

“We have proved over the years that we are not just talk but have actually worked for these issues in NSW State parliament. This is very important election for NSW and will set the stage for decades to come. You have a big choice to make, choose wisely.”

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