High Commission of India strongly condemns the vandalisation of three Hindu temples in Melbourne

Press Release

The High Commission of India strongly condemns the deeply disturbing incidents of vandalisation, including of three Hindu temples in Melbourne in recent weeks. The frequency and impunity with which the vandals appear to be operating are alarming, as are the graffiti which include glorification of anti-Indian terrorists. These incidents are clear attempts to sow hatred and division among the peaceful multi-faith and multi-cultural Indian-Australian community.

2. Signals that pro-Khalistan elements are stepping up their activities in Australia, actively aided and abetted by members of proscribed terrorist organisations such as the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) and other inimical agencies from outside Australia, have been evident for some time.

3. Our concerns have repeatedly been shared with the Australian Government, both by the High Commission and our Consulates in Australia, and by our Government with the Australian High Commission in Delhi. It is hoped that not only will the perpetrators be brought to justice but suitable action will also be taken to prevent further attempts.

4. In addition, our concerns about the so-called referendum in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, announced by the proscribed organisation, the Sikhs for Justice, have been conveyed to the Australian Government. It has been highlighted to the Australian Government to ensure the safety and security of members of the Indian community and their properties in Australia, and to not allow the use of Australian territory for activities detrimental to the territorial integrity, security and national interest of India.


Canberra; 26 January 2023

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