Gargi Awards for the year 2023

by Kamakshi Shenoy

The Gargi Awards for the year 2023 was organized by Hindu Council of Australia on Sunday, 2nd April 2023 at Strathfield Girls High School.

Hindu Council of Australia recognizes exceptional achievements of Hindu women in the community through the prestigious Gargi Awards, which is now in its 5th year since inception in 2019. The Gargi Awards were started in 2019 to recognize women who make excellent good role models for girls and women in Australia’s Hindu community. Being first of its kind, it is an admirable initiative to felicitate the achievements of women both in the community and in the mainstream.

The awards are named after the Hindu philosopher, Gargi Vachaknavi (circa 700 BC), who is said to have written many hymns in the Rig Veda, one of the 4 sacred texts of Hinduism.

Gargi Awards are awarded to women who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in various fields such as Education, Science and Research, Performing Arts, Arts, Language & Culture, Frontline Defense, Police, Fire, Emergency Services and Aged Care & Community Services. The awards serve as a symbol of inspiration and encouragement for women to pursue their goals and make a positive impact on the society. The award is a testament to the valuable contributions of women towards the development of India. The winners of the awards are selected through a rigorous process involving a detailed evaluation of the nominees’ achievements and contributions by a committee of experts from the relevant fields.

The event was graced by several well-known dignitaries including Mayor Karen Pensabene, Councillor Raj Datta, Councillor Sandhya Reddy, Mayor Zoe Baker, Councillor Emelda Davis, Councillor Moninder Singh, Jody Mckay – Chairman, Australia India Business Centre, MP Charishma Kaliyanda, Prakash Mehta – President HCA, Surinder Kumar Jain – Vice President, HCA, Bharati Rangarajan – Chair for National Women Empowerment, Shobha Desikan – Additional Secretary HCA.

The event was packed with exciting Indian folk and classical dance performances, speeches by notable dignitaries and award presentations for each of the categories. HCA committee members also delivered speeches emphasizing the importance of recognizing excellence and promoting achievements of Women.

Prakash Mehta – President HCA, Surinder Kumar Jain – Vice President HCA,  Shobha Desikan – Gargi event coordinator and Bharati Rangarajan – Chair for National Women Empowerment, spoke about the significance of the awards.

The winners in various categories were

  • Renu Sharma,

  • Rita Kaushal,

  • Punam Gaurkhade,

  • Dr. Snigdha Saha and

  • Vijayalakshmi Sampath.

The event was a great success in highlighting the contribution of Women in various fields and the significant role they play while excelling in their fields. In addition to recognizing achievements, Gargi Awards function also serves as a platform for showcasing talent, promoting culture, and raising awareness on important social issues.

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We look forward to seeing more such events in the future and celebrating the best of the best in their respective industries.

Thank you,

Kamakshi Shenoy.

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