Ganesha Chaturthi at Perth Hindu Temple on 18th September


Monday 18 September 2023
Dear Devotees,

The Hindu ceremony known as Vinayaka Chathurthi or Ganesh Chathurthi is of perennial interest to the Hindus all over the world. It is a Vrata observed to obtain knowledge and success in all undertakings. There is not a Hindu ceremony that commences without offering a Pooja for this Deity. Devotees are welcome to participate in the grand Ganesha Chathurthi festival 2023 and seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha for success in all undertakings!!



 06:30 AM
 Nithya Abishekam for Lord Shiva
 07:00 AM
 Nithya Pooja
 08:30 AM  
 Sri Ganapati Homam
 10:00 AM
 Collection of Purnahuthi trays by Devotees for Maha Purnahuthi
 10:30 AM
 Special Abishekam for Lord Ganesha
 11:00 AM  
 Special Pooja, Aarathi & Distribution of Prasadham
 12:00 PM
 Annadhanam (Lunch) – Donors are welcome

 06:00 PM
 Nithya Abishekam for Lord Shiva
 06:30 PM
 Nithya Pooja
 07:00 PM
 Sri Vinayagar Thirusathi Archana
 07:30 PM
 Sri Vinayagar (Utsavar) Deeparathana and Vahana procession
 09.00 PM
 Annadhanam (Dinner) -Donors are welcome

How to Participate?

Devotees are welcome to take part as a host for the poojas in the morning and evening.

Host for the morning pooja  – $101 per family
Host for the evening pooja – $101 per family

In the morning, devotees may participate in the Maha Ganapati Homam by purchasing a Purnahuthi tray. In the evening, devotees may participate in the Maha Ganapati Thirusathi Archana and Vahana Procession. Please contact the Temple administration for more details.

What to bring?

Devotees are welcomed to provide any or all of the following for the Maha Homam and Abishekam: Turmeric powder, Vibuthi, Yoghurt, Milk, Rose water, Sandal wood powder, Ghee, Loose flowers, Garlands, Fruits, Lemon, Honey, Samagiri, Hariali grass, etc.
Clay Ganapati will be available for sale for you to do Ganapati Pooja at Home and then immerse in the sea, river or any waterways subject to Local restrictions.

Whats new this year?

Starting this year we will be doing Ganapati Visarjan in the Temple grounds on 24th September 2023. We have started doing daily pooja for a Ganapati Idol in the temple with the view to continue until 24th September before completing Visarjan in the Temple grounds. Kindly participate and seek the blessings of Lord Ganapati.

                                                       !!! GANAPATI BAPPA MORYA!!!!. 



Morning: Maha Purnahuthi tray: $21
Evening: Maha Ganapati Thirusathi Archana : $21
Clay Ganapati: $5

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