FESTIVALS: AKSHAYA TRITIYA: Akshaya Tritiya (22 April this year)

By: Anand Lalchandani.

 FESTIVALS: AKSHAYA TRITIYA: Akshaya Tritiya (22 April this year) also known as Akha Teej is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Tritiya of Vaishakh month. Akshaya means never diminishing, and it is believed that doing any Japa, Yajna, Pitra-Tarpan, Dan-Punya, any buying of gold by people on this day never diminish and bring everlasting prosperity in their lives. Parashurama Jayanti also falls on the same day. 
Ved Vyasa began reciting Mahabharata to Ganesha on Akshaya Tritiya and river Ganga descended to earth on this day. Also, Sudama visited Bhagwan Krishna in Dwarka on this day and received unlimited wealth. Kubera also received his wealth and position as the ‘Lord of Wealth’ on this auspicious day. In Jainism, the day commemorates the first Tirthankara (Bhagwan Rishabhdev) ending his one-year asceticism by consuming sugarcane juice poured into his cupped hands therefore fasting and ascetic austerities are marked by Jains.

A vintage religious token depicting Lord Rishabhanatha, accepting sugarcane juice from King Shreyans.

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