Felicity Kean – Gargi Award Winner 2020 Education

Harding Miller Education Foundation’s longest standing and most dedicated volunteer, working tirelessly over the past five years as a personal coach and student support to hundreds of young girls from significantly disadvantaged backgrounds.

Felicity Kean - Gargi Award Winner 2020 Education

Felicity Kean – Gargi Award Winner 2020 Education

A public advocate and ambassador for the HMEF program, Felicity successfully recruited many coaches and volunteers to increase the service and enable the cause of gender equality.

Felicity coached HMEF’s first cohort of scholarship recipients from 2016. It was no small task to look after 100, 14-15-year-old girls across NSW. It required an unlimited and unconditional commitment to every scholar, their families and to the mission of HMEF. She had to constantly keep in touch, research into each girl and think of ways to assist them – the boundless mental and physical capacity it needed.

Felicity is a bubble of energy, vitality, warmth and generosity. For the first group of 68 graduates from 2019, it was her kindness and dedication to equal rights for all, that enabled these young women to beat the odds and flourish.

Read more about Felicity at : Meet Felicity – A HMEF Coach and winner of a prestigious Gargi Woman Award for 2020 – Harding Miller Education Foundation

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