Donate during Pitru Paksha – Help Corona sufferers

We are appealing to community again to support us with donations during second wave of Corona crisis. 
During Pitru Paksha we are supposed to remember our fore fathers and perform Daan (दान) .  Please use the link below to donate and no amount is small . Your donation will be used to help the needy.
There are still people in need till this crisis is fully over which will take more time.
We are getting more than 50 help requests everyday from Melbourne and Sydney and our drive is in full sawing again.
Our volunteers are doing this tirelessly. 
Please Donate as much you can  and please like and share our page to reach the maximum.
Please make a bank transfer of your donation to :
Bank details : Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account Name : Hindu Council of Australia,
BSB:062180, Account:1005-4880
and email your receipt to treasurer @
You can also make a donation using your credit card by clicking on the link below :
Please go to Hindu Benevolent facebook page at  and like and share

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