Do you have a story to tell the community

By: Gayatri Nair, Hindu Council of Australia.

To populate our website and social media pages, I am trying to collect inspiring, touching and fun stories from our community. I believe we have a fantastic and vibrant community that has many lovely stories to tell. If you know someone who is doing something unique and inspiring like volunteering at an NGO or celebrating eco-friendly festivals, etc. let us know. Also, if you are or know someone who is an accomplished dancer, artist, singer, artiste, let us know. I would love to write a small story about you or them and post it on our Facebook and Instagram.

Here at Hindu Council, we are big on food! So if you are an aspiring or a well-loved home cook that enjoys experimenting with dishes, allow us to join you. Send us your recipes – your creation or a family favorite- along with some pictures, and we will share the same on our social media pages and tag you.  

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to reading some amazing stories from you all. Have a wonderful week ahead! 

Gayatri Nair